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CLL is the acronym for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia. CLL is the most common cancer of the blood. However, unlike many other leukaemias, CLL is incurable. Innovative research is desperately needed to provide treatments which are more effective than the derivatives of chemical warfare agents currently in use. Research however costs money.

In 2009 I walked from John o'Groats in the north east of Scotland to Land's End in the south west of England. Hence the acronym JOGLE. The purpose of my walk was to make more people aware of this insidious disease and to encourage them to sponsor me by donating to the research groups I was supporting. It was a most enjoyable experience and I met some wonderful people. Together we raised over 2000 pounds for the cause. Thank you everyone!

In, 2010, the blog was being continued for those who may have be interested in following my walking holiday in Wales. This was not a charity walk.

Sadly this year, 2013, Alan Frost, a senior member of the Wednesday Loafers, our cancer support group, passed away. Many medics will tell you that CLL can be cured by a bone marrow transplant. Alan had battled with the cure for many years. More research is needed, but significant progress has been made since I started this blog.

CLL is still killing my friends. The organizations listed at the side of this blog would welcome any contributions you would like to make towards their research.

Please feel free to pass on the details of this site to anyone you think may be interested. The link is www.cancerwalker.com

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 65, Botallack to Land's End (Planned: Balnoon to Land's End), Wed 9 Sep

Today's Distance: ~25.8 km (16 miles)
Total Distance: 1628 km (1012 miles)
Distance to go: 0 km (o miles)

Shiel put me down on the road outside Botallack at 8:40am and the final day of my walk had begun. What a contrast to yesterday. I could see where l was heading! Extensive views in every direction. Yesterday's walk would have been much more interesting in sunny weather.
I took the B3306 into St. Just, l missed the more direct route yesterday. However had l found it l wouldn't have met up with Shiel.

I took a small road out of St. Just, heading for the YHA in the Cot Valley and then a path up to the SWCP. Looking at the map now I see that the route I took was not exactly the one l'd planned. It's good to see that some things don't change.

I had a very pleasant and sunny walk along the SWCP to Sennen Cove where I am writing up the first part of this report. I'm in no hurry for once. It's only 12:15 and l've only 1.5 miles to go to Land's End.

I've just heard from my sister Kathleen that they are all waiting for me at Land's End so l can finish the walk...

I finished the walk at about 2:45pm and had an expected reception from Shiel, my sister Kathleen and brother-in-law Robin. An added boost however was that Kit and Sally were also there to greet me! They had driven down from Devon, about 150 miles, just to cheer me in. They even brought a donation with them from their friend Martin who they had told about my walk. Regular readers will remember that Kit and Sally came to take me out for an evening meal when l was in Devon. Kit was treated for PLL, a very rare form of leukaemia.

It is the generosity and friendship of such people, and others like them, who only two weeks ago were complete strangers, that will be my lasting memory of this walk. You hear and see so much gloom and doom in the press that you get a jaded outlook on humanity. To improve your outlook on life:-
1. Sell the TV
2. Stop reading the papers.
3. Undertake a walk for a charity.
You'll also be able to 'come off' the Prozac.

I will sum up in a few days time and also add some comments on kit and maps which hopefully will be of help to others. I will continue accepting donations until we return to New Zealand in early October.

Photos  -- check out page 5 and 6 of photo album for a few more photos


  1. Richard

    Congratulations on finishing your walk!!!! I've enjoyed following your blog as you made your way.

  2. Congratulations, Dick. Right on schedule!



  3. Congratulations - hope to do an end to end myself one day (probably about 2018 I think) and have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your progress for last few months - good luck with the fund raising - and a great effort!

  4. Well done, I have enjoyed your journey.

  5. An absolutely fantastic effort Dick - and a great cause too! John McKoy NIWA

  6. Well done Dad, awesome effort. See you when you get back, I'll be coming up to Wellington in November (so hopefuly you'll be home by then). Enjoy the well earned rest. Love Paul.

  7. Congratulations, Richard (sorry about the delay - we've been back a week and I'm only just catching up with everyone).
    We (also) hope you are enjoying a well earned break from carrying that heavy load.
    All best wishes
    Martin and Sue