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CLL is the acronym for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia. CLL is the most common cancer of the blood. However, unlike many other leukaemias, CLL is incurable. Innovative research is desperately needed to provide treatments which are more effective than the derivatives of chemical warfare agents currently in use. Research however costs money.

In 2009 I walked from John o'Groats in the north east of Scotland to Land's End in the south west of England. Hence the acronym JOGLE. The purpose of my walk was to make more people aware of this insidious disease and to encourage them to sponsor me by donating to the research groups I was supporting. It was a most enjoyable experience and I met some wonderful people. Together we raised over 2000 pounds for the cause. Thank you everyone!

In, 2010, the blog was being continued for those who may have be interested in following my walking holiday in Wales. This was not a charity walk.

Sadly this year, 2013, Alan Frost, a senior member of the Wednesday Loafers, our cancer support group, passed away. Many medics will tell you that CLL can be cured by a bone marrow transplant. Alan had battled with the cure for many years. More research is needed, but significant progress has been made since I started this blog.

CLL is still killing my friends. The organizations listed at the side of this blog would welcome any contributions you would like to make towards their research.

Please feel free to pass on the details of this site to anyone you think may be interested. The link is www.cancerwalker.com

Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 34 Reeth to Newbiggen, (Sun 9 Aug)

Today's distance: 17.1 km (10.6 miles)
Distance covered: 816.9 km (507.6 miles)
Distance to go: 811.4 km (504.2 miles)

I walked from Reeth to Grinton on a path and then had a long climb on a quiet road to 463 metres before the road started to descend to Castle Bolton. On the way down I met two cyclists, Dave and John, heading to Ketterwell where I hope to be tomorrow. We had a good chat. One had lost a good friend in France recently, due to chronic leukaemia. They both came from Ilkley and knew of Heckmondwike (where I originally came from) and the Boot Co-op. Heckmondwikes’ other claim to fame is that it the place where Madonna came to get felt.

There are a lot of dead rabbits on this route – I don’t know if the authorities are poisoning them again. One looked to be blind.

I found a very nice tea room in the castle, where they serve spice cake and Wensleydale cheese (Wallace would have been pleased!).

I then had a very pleasant walk across fields in the Ure Valley to the Aysgarth Falls and headed south to Thoralby and the camp site at Newbiggin. I arrived about 3pm and did my washing etc. I hadn’t any change for the washing machines, so asked a couple in a caravan if they could change 5 pounds for me. We got chatting - I was telling them what I was doing and not only did they give me the change but wouldn’t take anything for it – said to give the money to the charity. Thank you, Debbie and Colin.

I’ve got a lot of midge bites again, mainly on my face and scalp. The midges tend to concentrate their attack when you are making or striking camp.

I had a very nice meal (fish pie and vegetables, followed by cheese cake) in the pub right next door to the campsite, so no distance to walk. That was great! I met Anne and Malcome Renshaw in the pub – they live locally and are long distance walkers. They’ve done the TGO Great Outdoor Challenge (the walk across Scotland) a number of times and have a few friend who have done JOGLE walk. They gave me 10 pounds for the charity for which very many thanks. The conversation I had with them was the perfect end to a good day.

To-morrow I won’t be setting off early as I have booked breakfast at the pub which doesn’t open until 9am


  1. Hi Richard
    I am glad you bumped into the Challengers (did you realise that your 'Proud Scotsman' has completed zillions of TGO (Originally 'Ultimate') Challenges?

    It's good to see how you are getting on. How are you physically? Feet? How's the kit working out?

    Good luck with it all,

  2. Richard, you might want to rephrase the comment about Madonna! You are now past the halfway mark -- well done. All the best, Rob

  3. Hi Alan, no l didn't know the 'Proud Scotsman' had also done many TGO's but he did say he'd done a big walk around the UK.
    Re condition.feet aren't bad apart from 2 hard pads on the outside of each big toe. The one on the left foot hurts most but the one on the right foot looks worst.
    The tent is holding up, but l need a new lid buckle for my Osprey rucksack. Main problem with the gear is that l've still got too much of it!
    Re the Madonna comment Rob, l asked Shiel to add that Heckmodwike was faous for the manufacture of carpets and felt underlay butshe never got around to it.
    Hope the Wednesday Loafers are still getting out regularly. Please pass my best regards to them.
    This is a first attempt to reply to comments using my new cell phoe.