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CLL is the acronym for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia. CLL is the most common cancer of the blood. However, unlike many other leukaemias, CLL is incurable. Innovative research is desperately needed to provide treatments which are more effective than the derivatives of chemical warfare agents currently in use. Research however costs money.

In 2009 I walked from John o'Groats in the north east of Scotland to Land's End in the south west of England. Hence the acronym JOGLE. The purpose of my walk was to make more people aware of this insidious disease and to encourage them to sponsor me by donating to the research groups I was supporting. It was a most enjoyable experience and I met some wonderful people. Together we raised over 2000 pounds for the cause. Thank you everyone!

In, 2010, the blog was being continued for those who may have be interested in following my walking holiday in Wales. This was not a charity walk.

Sadly this year, 2013, Alan Frost, a senior member of the Wednesday Loafers, our cancer support group, passed away. Many medics will tell you that CLL can be cured by a bone marrow transplant. Alan had battled with the cure for many years. More research is needed, but significant progress has been made since I started this blog.

CLL is still killing my friends. The organizations listed at the side of this blog would welcome any contributions you would like to make towards their research.

Please feel free to pass on the details of this site to anyone you think may be interested. The link is www.cancerwalker.com

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 42, Hayfield to Pomeroy, Mon 17 Aug

Today's distance: 26.9 km (16.7 miles)
Total distance: 992 km (616 miles)
Distance to go: 636 km (395 miles)

I had breakfast with Martin and Sue and then Martin and l travelled via Sainsbury's to the campsite at Hayfield. I was out on the trail again by 9:30am.
Thanks Martin and Sue for treating me just like one of the family. I've made a donation on your behalf as a token of my gratitude.
Most of the trail today followed the Pennine Bridleway and it was a very pleasant walk. The climb to South Head took a bit of effort but the extensive views made the effort worthwhile. l had only met one fell runner up to this point but on descending to Royth Clough l met up with a family out for the day. I then walked to Peak Forest where l had lunch in the pub. The meal was oh_ hum but a coffee l had was first class. I then left the Bridleway and went via road through Bole Hill, joining the Bridleway again south of a quarry.
I then made a steep descent near Wye Dale where there was a profusion of wild flowers that would have made Martin's day had he seen them. There was then a steep climb out to the A6.
I eventually reached the Duke of York about 5:45pm. It has a small campsite with limited but adequate facilities and a very friendly publican.
I put up the tent, showered and then went for an early meal. During the meal l was joined by J, the first 'blood brother' to make contact with me on the walk. He has CLL. He found me from the info posted by Ron on the ACOR website. He is hopefully going to join me for a little way tomorrow.


  1. Glad you had a pleasant day, Richard, and I'm sorry I couldn't join you again. I think we reckoned on a 6 pm finish, so well done! Sorry to hear the Devonshire Arms lunch is crap. The chef must have changed since I was last there.
    Re our text messages, I know there are some missing fingerposts around there - I should have left my old 1:25000 map with you - that makes all the difference when looking for the stiles. Shouldn't be too much of a problem for you though.
    Have fun

  2. we are keeping up with your progress and send our good wishes, Kathryn and family. Lynda is online too following your adventures

  3. Hi Richard,
    The Wednesday Loafers went to the latest Peter Jackson production, District 9, today and thoroughly enjoyed it -- though probably not your type of film. We toasted your continued success, expressed both surprise at what you are up to and disappointment that we weren't more fully in the loop before you left! No worries though -- you are doing wonders for the CLL cause. I chivvied the others along and, with any luck, there should be more donations coming from the WL team.
    Keep up the good walk!

  4. Hi Martin,
    Your indoctrination worked. The day after l walked with you l started to see the flowers. They were really prolific goin dow into that valley just before the A6. Can't remember it's name.

    Hi Kathryn, l'm glad you and Linda have caught up with my blog. We may get to see you when Shiel and I move north. Keep in touch.
    Hi Rob. Can't really say l've done nothing but l am currently resting at leisure. Sorry for the short notice re the walkbut evev l wasn't certain l was going to go through with it until shortly before l left NZ. All your fund raising efforts are welcome. I really think with some innovative researc it will be possible to contain CLL even if we can't cure it.
    Cheers to everyone.